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Currently, CARGO displays biological information only for human genes. Information for other species will be included. CARGO is involved in some projects as Cargo, BioSapiens, or as INB.

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If you want to create your own widget for CARGO, consult the following tutorial.


CARGO works best in Firefox and other Gecko-based browsers. It works fine now in Opera and in the latest versions of Safari (3 or above).

At this point, it does not support Explorer, and Konqueror. We are working on extending support for them.


CARGO displays information from different sources. We are thankful to the developers and Institutions for providing freely available services.

HOW TO CITE CARGO Citation to CARGO in PubMed

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To start using CARGO, follow these steps:

1. Search for a term (like "regulation") or gene name ("p53")- complex searches are not supported yet- to obtain a list of genes or use one of our previously compiled gene list (Sjoblom et al. Science, 2006, Matsuoka et al. Science, 2007, etc.).

search image

2. Open any widget by clicking on their names at menu bar on the top.

widget bar

3. Click on one of the genes from the list and watch the information in the widgets refresh accordingly (some widgets have their own behaviour for instance: iHop and FunCUT have their own clickable bars and OMIM has a hierarchical menu). That's it!


A detailed tutorial of CARGO is found here.