Cancer And Related Genes Online

CARGO: a web portal to integrate customized biological information

CARGO is a free service from the academic domain - free to use for anyone. CARGO is free of charge, thus its continuity will depend on the community it was created for.

CARGO (Cancer And Related Genes Online) is a configurable biological web portal designed as a tool to facilitate, integrate and visualize results from Internet resources, independently of their native format or access method. The tool is designed to be used by experimental biologists with no training in bioinformatics. In the current state, the system presents a list of human cancer genes.

Quick start

CARGO displays biological information for human genes. To start using CARGO, follow these steps:

  1. Search for a term (like "colon") or gene name ("p53") to obtain a list of genes or use one of our previously compiled gene lists.
    search screenshot
    search screenshot
  2. The widget are classified by biological relevance. To activate a widgets just go to menu "Widgets" an choose any of them
    menu screenshot
  3. Afther that, select a gene in the results list; the widgets will refresh accordingly. That's it!

How to use CARGO

When CARGO is loaded, you will find that the interface is organized in some boards as it is shown in the figure bellow.

CARGO screenshot
  • Menu Bar: Main Menu that includes some links:
    • CARGO: Links with a web page about this project.
    • Widgets: It is a menu where all available widgets are located. They are classified by biological relevance. As shown in the screenshot show above.
    • Help: Holds links to help documents.

  • Search widget: Holds precompiled lists of genes related to cancer and genes in "Ensembl" database 48 installed in our servers. For more information about the "search widget" see the Search Widget Document.
  • Input description panel: Contains information related to the query made.
  • Minimized Menu: Keeps track of all minimized widgets
  • Dashboard: The place where widgets are visualized.

Widget Interface

The widget window has some buttons adding extra functionality to the widget. See the picture bellow to get more information.